Isabella’s Big Adventure Special Edition


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Isabella’s life is full of adventure, or is it?

She’s a girl who always smiles and knows how to handle the situation. Cool as a cucumber, but as quiet as a mouse, with a smile so wide that you can’t help but be charmed!

“When I first read Isabella’s Big Adventure, it reminded me a great deal of the children’s cartoon “Kim Possible.” Just like Kim, Isabella fights off bad guys on a daily basis. The difference is that Isabella’s adventures may or may not be true. This also is why I liked the story. Isabella admits it is all in how you tell your story. I read this with my 4-year-old, who does not need any help in learning how to exaggerate her stories. She liked the book, mainly because Isabella is not a girly girl and does really cool stuff.

The story itself has a nice flow to it, due to the way Nguyen rhymed everything. Some of the wording was a little advanced for my daughter, so I think this book would be good for first grade and up. The illustrations are nice and look adventurous. I think what the pictures display will also interest boys because they look like something out of an action movie.” – Reviewed By Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

The Special Edition includes an eight page History of Isabella photo collection and is exclusive to

Year: 2015
Ages: 8+
Pages: 32
Format: PDF