Note to Self


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A story about an average guy and the girls who made him. Tim Newman is an average guy. He’s not rich, he hates his job and he’s far from famous. He’s a regular bloke off the street; and like every other bloke off the street, he doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. They’re mysterious. Once you think you’ve figured them out, they change the rules and you’re back at square one. He’s not alone though, and that’s the point. He’s not completely up himself to think that he’s the first man to ever be rejected by a potential love interest or find a hidden meaning behind a (not so) casual greeting. Surely there’s a way to learn from these experiences, as men collectively? By sharing the stories of random female encounters, men can work it out together, and every guy out there will benefit. And being the selfless person that he is, Tim’s more than willing to share.

Year: 2010
Words: 46,930
Format: PDF